Dungeon System Within DanMachi 38 Chapter 38 : A Humanoid Black Dragon!!

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Seo stopped completely moving… no, it was that he couldn’t move his body ignored his commands….

??? : Interesting….. boya from the far sh.o.r.e…

Seo was sweating bullets…. he tried to speak but was unable to…. based on the voice a girl??

??? : Why are you still in that position and haven’t turned??

Seo #@$#$%$#%$ he could only to a which she heard and surprising enough, she somehow understand it…..

??? : Oh right…. my aura…

When she retracted her aura Seo fell on the ground and started coughing again and again…. before he finally got up and turned to see a black haired girl…. she had a small built similar to lily, her hair reached till her waist, her skin had small black line neatly and evenly cross each other and had only one eye….

Seo : Don’t you know…. cough…. it’s kinda bad manners to appeared…. cough….. from behind if you want to just talk…

Seo : Well not that I could fight back if you wanted to kill me…

??? : Heh…. at least you have some brain….. as for manners, I’m a monster what did you expect??

Seo : All I see now is a cute but powerful little girl… as you have a human appearance….

??? : Turns out you do have some brains…..

Seo : I’m trying the best I can….

??? : Pfftttt ahahahahahahahahaha

Seo felt again the pressure and it wasn’t just him…. all people in the Orario felt it, G.o.ddesses, All Adventurers, and even those below the Dungeon….. all monsters screamed from fear and when the pressure reached the 18th floor a certain figure trembled as rage burned in her eyes….

??? : You might be the second person who says this to me…..

Seo : Cough cough cough… who is the first…

??? : A Legend that wrote History…

Seo : You do love talking in riddles right….

??? : You don’t know him?? Oooohhh right you’re from the far sh.o.r.e….

??? : It was Zeus Family the strongest of all times….

Seo : Oh Zeus…. that old man who died a little while back…

??? : Mmm?? so you do know him?? I’m Lucky… Guide me to him I wanna fight!!!!

Time froze… Seo went eeehhhhhhh… even if he was alive who the h.e.l.l would challenge that Family in their prime??? while the little girl was thinking something else….. weird….. what did he say?? died a while back?? eeeeehhhhhhhhhh…….

She opened her close eye as she had taken a pose of demanding to show a shock expression…..

??? : You….. youuu…. you… yooouoouuu…. who died….?

Seo : You mean Zeus right…. the white-haired old man G.o.d that died a while back…

She opened her mouth wide open and revealed her tiny cute little teeth…. and for some reason, Seo didn’t want to see them in a girlish like biting action…

??? : How…. did he died???

Seo : How should I know??? the only thing that I do know was that after losing to the One-Eye-Black Dragon….. his family got destroyed later on by a joint attack of two others…

Seo, when he finished speaking he froze… eeehhh?? One-Eye??? she said she was a monster….

Both of them raised their hands and pointed…. Seo pointed at her and she pointed at herself….. when both of them yelled…..

??? + Seo : ME?? It’s YOU!!!!!!!

??? : What is you????

Seo : You is You!!!

??? : But I’m Me!!!

Seo : No it’s you??

??? : Me Is Me I’m not you…. and who are you??

Seo : You Are The Black Dragon!!!!!!!!!