Dungeon System Within DanMachi 19 Chapter 19 : The Sword Princess

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As Seo left defeated for the 18th floor in order to rest on the 22nd floor a figure appeared with a sword creating lines everywhere…

Any insects or trees that came in contact with those became pieces in the wind….

??? : Finn it’s all cleared

Finn : Thanks Ais… so what do you think??

Ais : He’s strong….. very…

Finn : Riveria what about you…??

Riveria : At the very least, I hadn’t seen someone who Soloed from floor 1-22th with just Fists and Magic ever again….

Gareth : If these trees weren’t a bad matchup to him….

Finn : Then based on what we saw he could easily solo up to 35th Floor…

Finn : Could any of you do that when you were Mid Level 4??

Gareth : No…

Riveria : No…. as I’m a magic caster I don’t have the speed and stamina to handle all that..

Finn : Ais what about you???

Ais : I think that I could up to 25…

Finn : As a Level 5 yourself could you do it??

Ais pondered a bit before answering to the Captain of this mission, eventually, she shook her head showing that she couldn’t… but after a few minutes, she told them….

Ais : I could if I had a second sword….

Finn : That guy will become really strong that even I’m itching for a fight…

Everyone stayed silenced as they knew Finn’s ups and down…. he was at the top Level’s 6 in the whole of Orario able to fight even the only Level 7…..

Finn : Let’s go… I’m sure it won’t be long we will meet further down….

Ais’s eyes flash with fighting intent… she dashed towards the stairs leading down and from there run to the 23 Floor… when she stepped her foot in it…

She drew her sword and started slashing at everything in her sight…. after a few minutes the others came down and saw a floor full of glittering crystals and materials…..

Ais : Next!!!!!

She then proceeded in the 24th Floor and did the same….. but this time it took her longer to finish them and eventually the others caught up when she finished the last one…

Riveria : Finn don’t you think we should stop her??

Finn : Sigh….. her obsession with strength is beyond norm…..

Finn : Ais!!!!!!!!!!!! wait up…. we need to gather the materials… and then keep going!!!

Ais heard Finn and she looked at the almost pa.s.sed door where she stood, she turned and saw Lefiya trying her best to gather the materials as fast as she could…. but Ais saw that it was more tiring that way….

Ais : Fine…. I’ll be the one who will head first down….

Gareth, Riveria and Finn sighed and Lefiya could take a bit of breather…..

They stayed there for about a 4 hour making Ais rest as well….. but she didn’t want that…. she wanted to test her limit as that guy…. to what heights could she reach…

What can she achieved, she refuses to let someone else out of nowhere pa.s.s her… with no clear goal in his eyes…

Ais stand up and took her sword going towards the stairs before she managed to reach it BooM!!!!!!!

??? : Oh finally managed to get down….. Ehhhhhh where are the monsters here???… Oh, it’s you guys…

All of them were shocked…. only 4 and half hours pa.s.sed since he went towards the 18th floor…. how did he come down so fast again???