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He quickly realized that someone was attacking.

But it was strange.

None of the emergency devices were working.

All the creatures gathered here were silent.

“Sniff Sniff! What happened?”

Rakikan called his fairy.

A fairy called Sniff Sniff appeared with a hand on his nose.

“Sniff! T-the enemy is here, sniff! They came!”

“The enemy? Show me the situation.”

“Sniff sniff! Wait a minute!”

The fairy Sniff Sniff took out a heave crystal ball. After a moment, the crystal ball revealed an image of the intruders.

At the same time, Rakikan’s face distorted.

“…I have to contact the grand duke.”

“T-that, magic power isn’t flowing out, sniff!”



Sniff Sniff turned restlessly.

He had nothing more to say.

Rakikan frowned. He didn’t know what they did but something seemed to be blocking the magic power from going outside. It was impossible to contact anyone.

There was no other way. There were a few items at the Demon World Auction that would help in this situation, but he hadn’t bought them.

“It can’t be helped…gather all the creatures together. I just need to defeat them directly.”

Rakikan made a decision.

The enemies invading were very different from the humans.

He had no confidence in stopping them.

Rakikan’s gaze naturally turned in one direction.

‘I might have to unlock Gustarte’s seal.’

He didn’t know what the aftermath would do to his dungeon, but it was better than losing it to the enemy.

Especially when considering the ones. .h.i.tting the dungeon.

The dark elf he saw at the Demon World Auction. Was her name Chrisley?

And Chrisley accompanied only one demon.

‘Randalph Brigsiel!’

He had struck him in the back of the head.

What was his purpose?


“Yes! Sniff.”

Rakikan gritted his teeth.

Was this what if felt like when an enemy came to his front yard and he couldn’t stop it? 

Chrisley had some sympathy for him.

A good army. She had brought more than half of Dungeon Master’s power, so there was no way Rakikan could stop them. This was a force that would threaten a duke or even a grand duke. Chrisley was convinced as she had looked around the dungeons of the grand dukes.

It took less than half an hour for them to pa.s.s through half of the 20 floors. One hour pa.s.sed rapidly.

“The remnants…”

Chrisley clicked her tongue while looking at the outer wall of the dungeon. It was due to the discovery of a creature who escaped the dungeon and was flying through the sky. It was inevitable that the creature would deliver the news to Grand Duke Upa.

Chrisley couldn’t allow it to leave.

She raised her wand and a black crow flew quickly. It instantly s.n.a.t.c.hed the flying type creature. As a result, communication with the outside was completely cut off.

‘A matter of time. The only thing left is to lure Gustarte.’

In the first place, she never paid attention to Rakikan’s defense. Chrisley was completely focused on Gustarte, the mysterious magician of the moon.

Dungeon Master told her to be careful. He was an opponent she couldn’t be defenseless against. He was a powerful opponent that was even a match for Dungeon Master.

She needed to move cautiously.

All the possibilities needed to be accounted for in order to catch him.

That would start from this point onwards.

It would take a certain amount of sacrifices. However, achieving the goal with minimal damage was also important.

The army gathered here was a significant portion of Dungeon Master’s forces. If they were lost then it would be a huge blow.

At least…it was obvious that Dungeon Master would be on the defensive. She didn’t doubt that he would rise above all the hardships if such a thing happened, but such a situation didn’t need to be created. She would do her best to get the optimal results.


The dungeon shook tremendously.

The high cla.s.s creatures and Rakikan’s army were finally colliding.

‘I have to prepare.’

Chrisley pulled out some small stones. They were stones that could contain magic power.

Garnak the King of Death. Chrisley had inherited his strength.

However, his strength was quite unusual. The magic power was gathered for special situations like this. It would deal a big blow to her.

After it woke up in her, she gathered it little by little. However, she decided to release it all this time. It was enough magic power to even take down a great number of high cla.s.s creatures.

She set up camp on the ground. She took out three wands and created magic circles.

The short preparations were over.

Now…she just had to wait for the end of the battle.

‘How many minutes will they hold out for? 10 minutes? 20 minutes?’

They pushed ahead with pure force. She didn’t like it very much but it was efficient.

Dungeon Master valued swiftness and efficiency. It was hard to manage many dungeons, but it wasn’t strange for grand dukes to have one or two more.

And Chrisley’s expectations weren’t that far off the mark.

15 minutes later, the dungeon became silent.

The battle was over. There were no more creatures left to attack them.

‘Now I have to lure Gustarte.’

Half of the plan was successful.

However, in the meantime…Chrisley frowned.

She was reading the flow of a vast amount of magic power. The magic power was very pure and intense. It was enough to even break the shield protecting the dungeon!


A short, thick sound.

The 20th floor disappeared without a trace.

The sky was black and there was a huge moon.

It meant Gustarte’s seal had been released.


The first thing that fell from the top floor of the dungeon was the t.i.tan. It slammed into the ground, causing it to shake like an earthquake had occurred.

Its chest was moving up and down like it was breathing, so the t.i.tan didn’t seem to be dead. One arm had disappeared.


It was obvious that it was the work of Gustarte. She hadn’t expected this type of impact.

Soon the high cla.s.s creatures started to rampage. The griffin aimed lightning and flames while the hydra restored the seven heads that were cut off.

Rakikan and his subordinates couldn’t be seen anywhere.

‘I can’t stay still.’

At this point, she no longer needed to block her magic power. She gathered her magic power and channeled it into the three circles.

It wasn’t unexpected.

Anyway, after Gustarte appeared, he was moved to the place where Chrisley was. The creatures recovered their spirits and moved according to the plan.

After gathering the magic power, Chrisley grabbed the small stones.

They were a secret weapon that Dungeon Master made directly from secret materials. It wasn’t long before Gustarte would arrive here.

‘The creatures need to buy some time.’

The three magic circles shone. Her magic power was amplified and exploded. Chrisley moved the magic power into the little stones.

The stones devoured the magic power.

“Queen of the Sun and Moon.”

Chrisley cried out as the stones swallowed the magic power.

Her strongest skill.

Queen of the Sun and the Moon (Epic)!

When the two opposing magic powers were added to the stones, they repeatedly burned and cooled.

Now even Chrisley wouldn’t be able to control the magic power contained in the stones.

If this continued then they would burst.

Chrisley turned her gaze towards Gustarte and used a skill.


Soon, a laser-like beam shot out from the stones and reached Gustarte at a tremendous speed.


Gustarte momentarily paused as the magic hit him.

It was contradictory since he normally ignored all physical attacks and skills.

Magic power poured out from the stones and bound Gustarte. This process was repeated many times in the blink of an eye.

‘There is an effect.’

It was the power of the stones. Chrisley instinctively realized that the stones would only stop him for a short period of time.


Once Gustarte’s movements were stopped, the creatures urgently rushed away. They had to get out of the dungeon as soon as possible. Only the ones with good maneuverability were left behind.

‘Just a little bit more…’

Every now and then, Gustarte showed some little movements. It would only last dozens of minutes at best.

But there were no more methods. She just had to wait and hope.

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