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Chapter 82

At midnight when everyone was sleeping, there were several shadows quietly creeping into the goblin village. Their numbers did not exceed ten people. All of them were wearing black clothes. All of the members took special training so when they invaded the village, they didn’t cause any noise in the forest. Sometimes, the hands of the men moved irregularly. It seems they coordinated by making good use of hand signs.

Their target was a person who was sleeping inside the main building in this village. They knew from their previous meeting that the village leader was a man with a monster-like strength and that he employed a lot of slave soldiers and monsters. That’s why they were being ordered to come and kidnap his favorite slave.

The target was the alchemist girl. Even though she was the most senior slave of this village leader, her fighting power was low. The task would be finished easily even if she resisted. One of the guys in the black suits soundlessly went into the building. There was also another entering to give some a.s.sistance. The rest of them were watching the surrounding area as much as possible. 15 minutes later, the man who had entered had come out. On his shoulder, he carried a large filled jute sack. One of the men who had been watching on the outside confirmed the sack. After that he nodded at the other man that it was indeed their target. The men left the area without any sound. It really was a perfect task.

If there was no other strong people than them in this place at night.

“Lord Patriarch, Amy-dono has safely been kidnapped by them.” (Velgord) “Thanks for your hard work, make sure you’re able to secure Amy’s safety, okay?” (Hibiki) “I will thoroughly carry it out.” (Velgord)

Velgord reported the situation to me while kneeling on the ground. By the way, all of the vampires called me “Lord Patriarch”. I don’t care what they called me so I let it be. Though everyone was issued instructions at once that something might happen after that time when Ayla was attacked downtown, I didn’t expect the day would be coming so soon.

I had received the report from the ghosts, who were spread out as an early-warning net in the forest, that there was a suspicious group approaching, so I had been thinking to avoid giving damage to the other party. Since I didn’t have any proof that their targets were my slave Ayla and the others, I arranged several people so anyone could be kidnapped.

“Well then, shall we go to their headquarters?” (Hibiki)

“As you will.” (Velgord)

Apparently, I have been kidnapped safely. It seems their target was us as our master had said. I was carried out from the village and shouldered in the bag for two hours before they let me out. When I came out from the bag, the first thing that I saw was a female priestess praying while crying. Is this the “selection priest” who was kidnapped that the stew uncle was talking about? If that is so, then the one who kidnapped me are the evil G.o.d believers.

“Ah, G.o.d. Please send me your aid. Scorching Dragon-sama, please help me.” (priestess)

Although there was nothing wrong with a priest having faith in G.o.d at a time like this, but you shouldn’t be placing hope on the scorching dragon too, you know? It’s because that girl, Selva, was sleeping like a log in the guest room of our home. Our master asked us to search for information as much as possible, however he had said to not overwork ourselves to do it. First of all, let’s talk to this priestess, I guess?

“Er, can I ask something?” (Amy)

“Eh!?” (priestess)

Apparently, the priestess had not noticed when I was brought into this room. By the way, the room that we were in now was a stone room with only a hole for ventilation. The door at the entrance doesn’t seem like it would budge with a person’s strength.

“Are you, the “Selection Priest” of the Church?” (Amy) “Y-yes. Yes I am. Were you brought here by force too?” (priestess) “Yeah, well, that’s right. I guess.” (Amy)

Actually, I have a whisper ghost haunting me, which I could use as a “trump card” when the time came so there was a world of a difference between me and the priestess.

“Really, you must have been frightened. But it’s alright. I will try to do something about this.” (priestess)

The priestess who had encouraged me seems like a good-natured person.

“Thank you. Has Lady Priestess been confined in here longer than me?” (Amy)

“…around 2 days has pa.s.sed.” (priestess)

I heard that they provided her three meals everyday. I doubt that they will give the same treatment to me. Well, there won’t be time to take a meal when the problem would be solved anyway.

“Was anything done to you by them?” (Amy)

Since it’s necessary to get information about the purpose of the evil G.o.d, I had came here to this place.

“That’s, I don’t know anything. They only carried in my meals when I was confined here.” (priestess)

Even if I talked to the guard outside, it didn’t seem like I’ll get an answer. For what purpose have they kidnapped the priestess?

[Amy, art thou fine?] (Zir)

Zir spoke through the whisper ghost.

“Zir? Has the attack started?” (Amy)

“Yea, the elites of mine clan hast already begun to attack. If time permits I would not mind if thou wast to rage ’round.” (Zir)

Raging around, I didn’t expect for her to instruct me to do that.

“The priestess has been caught together with me. I don’t want to do anything flashy.” (Amy)

“Is that so, then I wilt send someone to meet thee.” (Zir)

“Please.” (Amy)

Fuu, the priestess was looking at me as I took a breath.

“Just now, who were you talking to?” (priestess)

“Um, it’s my companion coming to help us.” (Amy)

“Is that true!?” (priestess)

“Yeah, we’re adventurers.” (Amy)

“I see, they seem to be excellent comrades.” (priestess)

“Yes, I’m always being a burden to them though.” (Amy)

“That’s not true. Because, when you have been caught like this, aren’t they immediately coming to help?” (priestess)

“I-I guess so.” (Amy)

“With just this much, I can tell that you’re important to them.” (priestess)

“Yeah, I guess.” (Amy)

By the time we joined with Zir, who was in charge of the pursuit force, we had already finished encircling the hiding place of the evil G.o.d followers. We started to attack not long ago because the arrangement of the goblin force had finished. We avoided not killing the other party as much as possible. The number of captives had already exceeded ten people.

“Mine lord, Amy seems to has brought ov’r the captured Priestess.” (Zir)

“Is that so? I don’t really want to be connected with the priestess though.” (Hibiki)

“Shouldst they beest directed to Velgord’s group?” (Zir)

“No, I’ll go with Ayla.” (Hibiki)

The vampires are a gray zone for the church. A strong feeling of rejection might occur depending on the person.

“Then, I wilt go as well. They wilt not suspect me with this hair.” (Zir)

“I guess so. Velgord, I’ll leave the command of the pursuit force to you. Get along well with the commander on the goblin side.” (Hibiki)

“Certainly.” (Velgord)

The vampires and the goblins who had started living together in the same village, their relationship was generally good and there was no problem at all. When I told the vampires that their position when they come to the village would be the same as those of the goblins, Velgord said “That is too much”, but he consented at once seeing the living conditions of the village. As expected, you wouldn’t be able to believe it when you saw the hygienic goblins taking a bath almost everyday. Our goblins have a more cultured life than normal adventurers. They took three meals everyday, and maintain and skillfully create tools. Recently, there were a lot of goblins who play catch during break time too.

The vampires were amazed when they saw the goblins who did such entertainments and enjoyed their daily lives like that. Many people who had been looking down at the goblins in the beginning, have started to open their minds at once. Their first joint work together was this siege battle. As the progress went out smoothly. There was nothing left for me to do.

With Zir guiding, we reached the room where Amy was captured.

“Amy, are you alright?” (Hibiki)

“Yes, for master to come all this way to pick me up. Thank you very much.” (Amy)

Amy trotted to my side. There was also a woman who was looking at me in the back of room.

“Are you Amy’s companion?” (priestess)

“Yeah, I am.” (Hibiki)

“To come this far. You must be very strong.” (priestess)

“Nope, when we came here, this place was almost empty. We didn’t chance upon any battles so far on the way here.” (Hibiki)

I lied to her. There were actually more than 50 evil G.o.d believers.

“I wonder if something had happened?” (priestess)

“I dunno? Since I just wanted to help Amy, I’m not interested in that other stuff.” (Hibiki)

Since it was impossible for us to leave the priestess of the church as she was now, I freed her bound arms and sent her back to the church in town. The morning began to dawn when we returned the priestess to the church.

“I want to give rewards to all of you.” (priestess)

“It wasn’t a big deal, we really did nothing at all.” (Hibiki)

I wanted to return quickly and start the interrogation, and before that I wanted to get some sleep for a moment.

“I’m really thankful to you. I’ll absolutely give you rewards on a following date.” (priestess)

The priestess waved her hands for a long time. I did not say anything more and turned and left the place.

“Please leave the interrogation of the evil G.o.d believers to us.” (Velgord)

Velgord volunteered for the interrogation role. Honestly, I feel relieved because I am so sleepy. After I left the interrogation to Velgord, I will go to sleep at once.

“Master, umm, thank you.” (Amy)

Amy once again gave her grat.i.tude to me, though it should be me who must thank her. The fact was that I put Amy in danger.

“I’m sorry, I’m sure you were scared being kidnapped, right?” (Hibiki)

“No, I wasn’t scared because I believed that I would be saved.” (Amy)

Amy happily answered me.

A few days later, I had a bad feeling when I heard that the priestess who I helped that day, was looking for us.