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Takami no Kago – Chapter 11

Though the trip to Waleo Village couldn’t be said went smoothly, it was within reason.
Even after attacked several times by monsters, we didn’t suffered any loss.
Partly because there was not much difference in power between the monster that attacked us on the way and the one roaming outskirts the town.
We arrive at a village by evening. When we entered the village, we heard a rumour that we couldn’t miss.

“Mutated orc, huh?”

“Yes, it seems lately they settled in the forest up ahead.
And some other merchants are opening their stall in this village.”

Mr. Crest replied so in a voice mingled with sigh.[1]
If the merchants are refraining themselves from advancing, that means the rumour is trusted enough.

“Staying here too long is not a good plan, either.
If my presence here is learned, I think some people would related it with [Jade Silk].”

Mr. Crest is a quite-famous-merchant in Brett Town, after all. His name is fairly known in [Jade Silk] business.
During this trip, Mr. Crest was claiming as Mr. Clain. Perhaps he has a lot of rivals, too.

“If we go, we would absolutely encounter them; is not guaranteed either. And I do want to advance with caution. What do you think?”

Mr. Crest turned to ask me. If I were to abandon the mission midway, I would be penalized.
However, life can’t be bought. Many adventurers would abandon the mission if the situation exceed their abilities.
Knowing thou own limit is also one of adventurers’ abilities. In this case, Mr. Crest has no choice.
If I were to return, though that would mean I abandon the quest, there is no one but me who would protect Mr. Crest until he return to Brett.
However we’ve come this far. So it’s natural if I want to go back with [Jade Silk] at hand.
Hmm, this might be a good chance to ask for more reward.

“Let’s see, I don’t mind advancing if you fulfilled my condition.”

“Really? So, what’s this condition of yours?”

“Could you give us a piece of [Jade Silk] clothing? Of course, I don’t mind if you give it only if we have to fight mutated orc.”

“That is…”

Mr. Crest starts to think. According to Ayla’s story, a piece of [Jade Silk] clothing worth several gold coins,
though we yet to know the mutated orc’s status, it’s likely that they’re quite strong.
I think that’s an appropriate reward if we manage to break the life-death situation when we encounter them.

“I understand. If you can subjugate it, I will give you my boasted item.”

It seems Mr. Crest think that there’s no problem since I would die if we encounter them.
And if we reach there safely without encountering one, he won’t have to give me special reward; so he’s not at disadvantage.
He’s even betting his own life, should I say as expected of a merchant?
We bought the minimum necessities in the village and headed towards the forest.

“We finally arrived at the village without accident. I thought I’ve raised a flag, though.”

“What is this flaeg you are talking about, Master?”

“If there were that many rumours about mutated orc, I thought they would appeared for sure.”

“But I heard mutated orc is really strong, so it is a good thing we did not encounter them.”

When you say it with that smile, I’d felt guilty for only thinking about the special reward.

“You really are a honest and good girl, huh.”

I pat Ayla’s head.
Though she looks like ticklish, she doesn’t show any resistance. So I continue it.
When I play with Ayla, Mr. Crest returned.

“We are lodging in the village today. We will depart tomorrow around noon.
Poroia will come to get you, so you should wait in the inn. Waleo also has good sake, so I think you wouldn’t get bored.”

It seems he ordered us not to wonder around the village.
Well, not that there was anything I want to do in the village, so I better follow his instructions.
However, when I investigated it, I came to understand that Waleo’s local speciality, sake, is a frighteningly strong sake. To the level that it could lit with fire.
This village also has a custom on wedding ceremony to use the sake as source of light to party all night.
[Strong sake will repel monster]; seems like there’s that kind of belief, too.
However, since in the production of [Jade Silk] magic is needed to some extent, the said strongsake might also involving some magic.
Though I’m worried if I were get drunk after drinking that sake,
if he says it like : “It’s recommended for adventurers,” that could means adventurers and sakeare inseparable.
It might also means that he just want to recommend the sake, nothing else.
However, that night I was having pa.s.sionate night with Ayla like there is no tomorrow in the inn instead of having sake.
Since there were Mr. Crest and co., I’ve neglected her these past few days.
And as if she’s been greatly accustomed, she’s a.s.sertive lately. That’s a pleasant thing.
The next morning, I went to gather information in the inn’s restaurant. I was curious about the mutated orc.

“Among people in the village, there was someone who saw it.”

“What kind of monster is it?”

“I wonder… since orcs are unusual around here, maybe it’s not normal orcs, y’see.”

“Are there no orcs around here?”

“Yeah, since there are many goblins around here”

Goblins and orcs; both of these race have unique relation.
According to the inhabitant of the whole country in this continent, there are many cases where these two races can’t exist together on the same place.
Since each other would preying upon the other one.
In a place with many orcs, goblin will be preyed by orcs, decreasing its number.
While in a place with many goblin, orc will be preyed by goblin, decreasing its number.
Because of that, as long as it’s not within the unique environment like dungeon, these two races won’t co-exist.

“Might it not be strayed orc mistaken as mutated orc?”

“That might be it. Beside, somehow the eye-witnesses aren’t consistent.
One says “it was bigger than the normal orc.”; other says “it was smaller.”; another says “the color is green.”; yet another says “nope, it’s red.”; Well, something like that.”

“What about the possibility that there are several of them?”

“Well, I can’t say there’s no possibility. But y’see, if there are too many of them, the goblin in this forest won’t sit down and let it pa.s.s.”

“I see. I got it, thank you. Could I have that sake, please?”

Saying so, I leave some silver coins in the counter and order a strong sake as compensation before I go back to my room.
I rarely drink sake before, but I won’t look like an adventurer if I don’t drink.
Though it was heartbreaking, it was also important job of an adventurer.
Poroia might come to summon me anytime soon. And so I change into my Equipments and stand by in my room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

By the time I finished changing, Poroia came to my room as though she has estimated it.

“No. I just finished my preparations.”

Like that, we move out of the room and walk towards where the horse carriage is.

“It seems you talked about something with the inn owner, though.”

Oops, who’d have thought she’d ask something like that.

“I was just asking about the mutated orcs. If you doubt it, should we go back to confirm it?”

After listening to my answer, as though Ayla realize we were being doubted, she glares at Poroia.

“No, I am just curious about it. If I hurt your feelings, I offer my apologies.”

It seems I have to keep my guard with this woman, too.
On the way back, I’ll position Ayla on the back to keep eye on them.
I beckon Ayla with my hand and issue my instructions through a whisper.
Though her tiger-ears twitching cutely, I’ll restrain my self for today.

“Yo, Hibiki-san. Did you slept well yesterday?”

“Yes, I was able to sleep soundly in a good bed for the first time in a while.”

“Good to hear that. Then, is it alright to depart now?”

“Yes, I don’t mind.”

In the end, there was nothing happened during my stay in the village.
Maybe they feel cautious towards me meeting mutated orc so we stayed shorter than scheduled.
Or they just finished their business faster than scheduled.
Without saying anything about the change on Ayla’s position, we departed.

Translator notes and references
[1] Nope. I’m not westernizing honorifics. The author didn’t add any honorifics here, so I add Mr. on my own.